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Why "Oh Memories..."

The case isn't about memories but Kensi's prized possessions, sacred belongings, heirlooms and memories have a big part in the episode.

NCIS: Los Angeles Episode 15 Season 1

The Bank Job

Agent Kensi Blye is shot at a local bank and the shooters are now holding the rest as hostages.

Episode Recap:

Kensi walks into a bank and up to a teller, Curtis flirting a little; she explains that she is here to rent a safety deposit box. Minutes later, three masked men enter the bank with guns drawn. They tell everyone to get one the floor and Kensi sees an opportunity pulling her gun and identifying herself as a federal agent. She is able to disarm one of the men and while fighting with him, she rips off his mask. He pushes her away, grabs his gun and shoots her several times, leaving Kensi laying on the floor, bleeding out.

The day before the bank incident, Callen and Sam arrive at work to find a box on Kensi's desk. Sam sees what appears to be a snake in the box and approaches slowly, until realizing it is a stuff cobra. Kensi comes in and explains that there have been several break-ins in her building and she brought her "prized" possessions in to keep them safe. Sam shares he has a GSA safe in his den and Callen states he does not have any "prized" possessions. Hetty shares that her most "prized" possession is scattered along a highway. She is interrupted by Eric whistling for them to come to the operations room for briefing on a new case.

Eric tells them that a cash shipment in Baghdad that has gone missing and it is believed that the money is here. The money was believed to be stolen by the Jihadist Raiders Front. At this point, the only they have is to Staff Sergeant Chad Jeffcoat who they have confirmed had access to information on the money.

Sam and Callen are driving over to Jeffcoat's home and discussing Sam's "prized" possessions he keeps in his safe. Sam states he has Patrick Ewing rookie card, a signed football from the NY Giants, Lakers-Nicks tickets for tomorrow nights game (both spoken for), and the entire first run of the Silver Surfer comic books. Callen asks him, "What else?" Sam admits he also has a glove form Michael Jackson, which was thrown out during the "Bad" tour. Callen gives him a hard time about owning a white sequin glove and Sam tells him he just doesn't get it.

They arrive at Chad's house, noting his car is in the driveway. They knock on the door, but no one answers. A mailman walks by the home & they inquire if he has seen Chad today and he says he has not. They begin looking around the yard, finding a bloody set of keys and two 9 mm shell. This trail leads to Chad's car and they believe they will find his body in the truck. They open the car and the truck, but do not find a body. They look behind the house, finding a trash can and Chad's body. Kensi arrives with the police and they search his home. They find a hidden panel near the dishwasher full of money. They take the money back to their office and Sam counts it, $250,000. Kensi informs him that the serial numbers match up with the stolen money.

Kensi hears the sound of music from upstairs and finds Nate playing her father's harmonica. She tells him that this was a gift from her dad and he asks her why she does not talk about him more often. Kensi relates a story of she wanted to go to a movie with her friends one night and her father told her no. She states her father then went to have beers with some of the guys and she snuck out and went to the movies. She came home later and states the he didn't. She learned that he was found dead on the highway and they needed his dental records to identify his body. She tells Nate she was only 15 years old and they never found out who killed him. She also states that the men he was with that night were questioned, cleared and shipped out. Nate tells her that her father would be proud of her.

They were able to track a key from Chad's ring to the North Valley Air Strip. Callen and Sam head out there to check out Chad's hanger and find the stolen cash. They also find blueprints from a local bank, Certified National. They hear men coming and take cover. As the men enter, Sam indentifies himself and gunfire ensues. They are able to capture one of the men, although he is injured and they kill the other two.

Back in the office, Eric approaches Callen & Sam as they are cleaning their guns and then sees Kensi's box. He starts looking through the box and they point to the sign on it, which states to stay out. Eric tells them that the man that was injured is out of surgery and his name is Michael Joseph Benelli. They all head upstairs and Eric tells him he hacked into the video surveillance at the hangar. He shows them video of a man entering the hangar and they realize that the man was the mailman from Chad's house. Eric has been able to identify the man as Damien Salerno.

Kensi is sent to interview Benelli at the hospital, but he won't talk with her. She asks him what he think Salerno will do, when he finds the money missing and tells him that they can help. Back at the office, Eric has found out that about 50 million dollars from the Jihadist Raiders Front were frozen and seized by the government. Since then they have been moving the money around to keep it secured and the current location of this money is the Certified National Bank. They realize that Salerno is planning on robbing the bank to get the money back and that the money found in the hangar was the payment. Eric explains that most hackers cannot move the money unless they are physically in the bank, noting that he could because of the "toys" he has access to.

Back at the hospital, Kensi goes back in to talk with Benelli, letting him know that they know about the bank robbery. They want to know who the inside man at the bank is and he refuses to cooperate. Kensi leaves the room and watches Benelli escape. She turns to Nate, who is sitting behind a nurse's station listening to the conversation via headphones. Nate tells her that Benelli will run right to Salerno and Kensi states that it was a good thing she tagged him before he woke up.

Mike Renko contacted the team, asking for a meeting. Sam and Callen meet him at the boathouse. Mike states that there is an LAPD Detective Matt Bernhart, that maybe able to help. Callen asks if he is a good cop and Mike states "pretty" good and Callen is about to pass when Matt walks in. He tells them that the word on the street is Salerno has turned over the more physical stuff to Johnny Manning.

Kensi followed Benelli to the hangar and reports that he appears to be waiting for someone. Callen tells her to stay put, they are on their way.

Nate arrives at the office to fill Hetty in and finds her with a large gun. She explains that this was her favorite gun, even through it is as big as her. Nate asks her about the recoil and she admits it is difficult to deal with. Nate tells Hetty that he talked with Kensi about her father and wonders what will happen if she finds the men he was with that night, Hetty poses the question, 'What makes you think she hasn't?

The guys arrive at the hangar, just as Benelli gets a call, it's Salerno. HE wants his money and Benelli denies taking it. Salerno takes aim and kills Benelli, driving off. Callen, Sam and Kensi search for him, but are unable to find where he shot from.

The regroup and decide to look at the bank and its employees. They need to figure out who the inside man is. One employee stands out, Curtis Lacross, he spent a year in college in Egypt and is active on Jihadist websites. There have also been several calls to Baghdad in the last month to a satellite phone, which is no longer in service. Since Curtis is single, they all look at Kensi, implying she is the one who needs to approach him. Kensi wonders why almost every case there is a suspect who happens to be single. Nate states that criminals tend to be males with social issues. She then asks why this always seems to be the way the go first and Hetty states, "The lowest hanging fruit is the easiest to pluck". They need Curtis to lead them to the rest of the crew and it is suggested that Kensi go in to open a safety deposit box.

Sam drops Kensi off and she walks into the bank. She heads right for Curtis and the robbery unfolds in the bank. As she is lying on the floor of the bank, she radios to Sam to enter the bank. Sam heads to the front door, but finds that it is locked, so he heads around back. Curtis tells the robber that he never got the call and one of the men tells him that this is going doing now. Curtis walks over to the bank manager, Connor Lavery, punching him in the face and takes him to his office. Eric radios Sam reporting that there is some interference between him and the bank and he is not in yet. Curtis wants Connor to move the money out of the FBI's account into another account, which Curtis provides him with the routing numbers. Once the transfer is completed, Curtis leads the men out of the bank, using the back door. Just as they are about to reach the door, Sam barges in and shoots several of the masked men, but is shot in the gunfight. Sam is out of bullets and is shot by the last robber as Curtis escapes.

As soon as Curtis is away from the building, the men in the hallway all stand up and reveal themselves, Mike, Matt and Callen. Eric works on tracking the money. Out in the main lobby of the bank, Kensi gets up, as she was wearing a vest. Curtis was tagged with a GPS locater, so Eric is tracking him to see where he goes and who he meets. Sam and Callen are directed to a park where Curtis has been waiting for a while, they watch to see if anyone shows up, noting that all the bank employees have been released. They watch as Connor pulls up and gets out of his car. He is upset that Kensi was shot and is concerned about the implications. He also wants to know where the money is and it is not in the account as promised. Sam and Callen approach on foot and take the two men by surprised, especially Curtis who watched Sam get killed. He expresses his confusion and Callen states, "For the first time today, it's exactly what it looks like".

Later, Hetty reports that Salerno was caught when he was crossing the border. Kensi is struggling on where she should store her belongings stating she wants to keep them close. Hetty offers her the use of the archive room and Kensi heads over there. She is going through her box and pulls a medal of her father's. There is also a note: "Keep on eye on this, baby girl, I'll be back for it, someday. Love Dad".

Sam and Callen head out of the office, when Sam invites Callen to join him at the Lakers-Nicks game tonight. Callen questions that Sam had told him that they were already spoken for and Sam admits it was going to be dependent on how Callen handled the "glove" information. Callen asks how he did and Sam notes that he is giving him another break and then offers him the chance to wear the glove.
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